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  SEM - I

24/06/2013 Commencement of the term
25/06/2013 Prelude of B.Ed Program
26/06/2013 Introduction to theoretical paper
27/06/2013 Method distribution and Special field Explanation
28/06/2013 Microteaching orientation program and Brain storming session
29/06/2013 Microteaching demonstration program and demonstration Lesson
JULY -2013  
01/07/2013 To 04/07/2013 Micro Lesson (4)
05/07/2013 Microteaching orientation program and demonstration Lesson
06/07/2013 To 10/07/2013 Micro Lesson (4)
11/07/2013 Lesson Planning (stray) Theoretical
12/07/2013 Lesson Planning (stray) Theoretical an teaching of compulsory paper
15/07/2013 demonstration Lesson
16/07/2013 Teaching as per regular schedule
18/07/2013 Submission of assignment
22/07/2013 Celebration of Gurupurnima
24,25,26/07/2013 Stray lesson (2) day - 3 Observation - 3
30/07/2013 Teaching aid, practical work and Computer practical work orientation program.
31/07/2013 Rainy song program
AUGUST - 2013  
06,07,08,/08/2013 Stray lesson (3) day - 3 Observation - 3
14/08/2013 Pre independence day celebration
20,21,22/08/08 Stray Lesson (3) 
16/08/2013 Orientation program regarding teaching method
16/08/2013 TTerm paper - 1
21,22,23/08/2013 Stray lesson (3) day - 3 Observation - 3
24/08/2013 Narmad jayanti
26/08/2013 Term paper 2
SEPTEMBER - 2013  
05/09/2013 Teacher day celebration
06/09/2013 Fill exam form for 1st sem
08/09/2013 World literacy day
11,12,13/09/2013 Creative lesson (4) day - 3 Observation - 3
14/09/2013 Hindi/Sanskrit day celebration.
17/09/2013 Submission o Practical work.
23/09/2013 Submission of Assignment
25/09/2013 Submission of teaching aid
OCTOBER - 2013  
01/10/2013 Gandhi Jayanti celebration
03/10/2013 To 10/10/2013 First Semester Internal Exam
12/10/2013 Navaratri Mahotsav
11/10/2013 To 20/10/2013 Reading vacation
21/10/2013 To 28/10/2013 First Semester University Exam
30/10/2013 Diwali celebration
01/11/2013 To 21/11/2013 Diwali vacation
NOVEMBER - 2013  
22/11/2013 Beginning of second semester
30/11/2013 AIDS awareness day celebration (1st December)
DECEMBER - 2013  
2-5/12/2013 Stray lesson (3) day - 3 Observation - 6
16-20/12/2013 Stray lesson (5) day -5 Observation - 15
28/12/2013 One day tour
31/12/2014 Sham e` Gazal
JANUARY - 2014  
6-10/01/2014 Annual Lesson.
12/01/2014 YUVA day
15/01/2014 Teaching Aid submission
16/01/2014 Fill exam form for 2nd sem
18/01/2014 Sports day
20-25/01/2014 Internship program Lesson (10)
26/01/2014 Republic day
28/01/2014 Book review Practical work submission
30/01/2014 Gandhi nirvana din Shahid din
FEBRUARY - 2014  
10/02/2014 Computer practical work submission
21/02/2014 Language day
28/02/2014 National Science day
MARCH - 2014  
01/03/2014 Cultural program
18-20/03/2014 Viva-voce
28/02/2014 National Science day
APRIL - 2014  
07-14/04/2014 Second semester university exam
MAY - 2014  
10/05/2014 Second term end
Summer vacation
16/06/2014 Commencement of the new term
:-   Activities Done During B.Ed. Program 2013-2014    -:
Schedule may change as per circumstances.
1. Commecement of the Term  :
On 26th June 2008 the educational Term of B.Ed Training is started. Introduction session was held on that.
2. Brainstorming  :  
We arranged Brain Storming session for the students. The issue of the Brain Storming was “Ideal Teacher” the students actively took part in the session.
3. Celebration of Guru Purnima  :
Our Institute celebrated ‘Guru Purnima’ on 18th July 2008. On that day lectures of teachers are arranged regarding‘Guru and Shisya’.  The Trainees are also held a small programme with slock, prayer, Speech of Head of the institute, Bhajans, Drama etc.
4.  OSA Establishment :
   College has complited one year as this year is second year we decided to establish Old Students Association. So old students were called and we declared we charged them different position on 19th 2008.
5.   Rainy Season Song :
   Our College also held a programme on “Rainy Season Song” to enjoy and to call the deify thain . The Trainees and lecturer along with our head pleasurely participated in the programme. Students of  English method perform ‘role play’ to save water.
6.    Library Day :  
  As Books are very important in the life of the teacher , so the library. In the memory of Dr. S.R.Rangnathan we arranged Library day on his birth date i.e. 9th August 2008. Quatations regarding Books and Library were displayed and Notes are given by lecturers.
7.   Celebration of Pre-Independence day  :
  To be patriotic and to  pay our tribute to ‘Shahids’ We also celebrated Pre -Independence day. We arranged a nice programme day before independence day. Our students performs drama, Sung patriotic song and presents their views regarding our freedom and made our programme siccessfuly.
8.   Hindi Day  :  
   During B.Ed Training we feel necessary to celebrate Hindi day to increase value of our national Language also desided to speak whole day in Hindi . On 13th sep.2008 we have managed a programme of Hindi day our students did prayer drama, group song, etc.
9.   Panel Discussion :
 We also arranged a panel discussion on 19th sep.2008 on the topic ’’Sex Education in Adolescence period.’’ We give detailed information and do hot discussion on the topic. We reduced many fallacies of the trainees regarding the matters. 
10.  Gandhi jayanti  :
The college has desided to celebrate Gandhiji Jayanti in different Manner. On 7th octo. We  8th oct. We held some prograammes like lectures of honorable smt. Niranjanaben kalarthi on the subject ‘gandhiji and Ahinsa ‘ on the same day to give Moral Education. We held  “Safai Programme’ on  next day in the memory of our dear National leader. Our trainees presents Slock, Songs regarding ‘Gandhi Bapu’ Thoughts of Gandhiii, Drama , Bhajans etc.
11. Nvaratri Mahotsav :
    We also celebrated Mahotsav of Nine Nights. We arranged Competitions of Matli sangar, Arti sangar, Best Singing, Best Dressing & Best  action. The students along with lecturers enjoyed a lot playing Garaba in the college premises and creat healthy environment  with Colourful dresses and elegant actions.
12. Educational Tour :
    On 18th October  We arranged a one day tour and visited, vaghai Botamical Garden, Saputara Museum and Saputara  hill Station. At vaghai  Botanical Garden We interesting  Observes part of our nature. At saputara we enjoy ancient adivasi items, Boating and wonderful glories  sunset.
13. Diwali Competition :
For the celebration of Diwali Mahotsav  we arranged Diwali competitions like Best greating cards, Best Rangoli and Best out of waste things. We also held a greeting programme and give best wishes for year ahead to the trainees.
14.  Gita Jayanti :
To worship our pious and worldly known granth  “The Bhagwad Gita” we celebrated “Gita Jayanti “ on that day disciples of pujya pundurang shastri were called  all a programme of speech on “Gitaji” were successfully completed.
15.  Marriage song programme :
We also held Marriage song programme in Marriage season to develop social ethics in the students.
16.  Sports day :   
  For the Physical development of the students we held Sports day on 3rd January 2009. We decided to take some healthy games Like 100 mtrs.race, 200 mtr.race, Sack leaping, lemon  Spoon vollyball, cricket, Long Jump, High jump, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Chess, Carrom, Badminton etc. and very Joufully celebrated ‘sportday’.
17. ‘ gazzale sham’ :
Our college has celebrated 31st  Dec-2008 the last day of the year by arranging ‘Gazzale Sam’ Our students and teacher heapity   Participated in Singing Gazzals and Sayries.
18 . Cultral Programme :
Nearly at the end of the B.Ed Course every year we arranged elegant cultural programme. This year in Cultural Programme we decided to take activities like slock, prayer, swagat Nritya, Speech of the guests, drama, Group dance, Dangi Nritya, Garba, Piramid etc.
19. National Science Day :
On 28th Feb.2009 we also celebrated National Science day.our Students of science Method perform drama and do experiments to reduce superstitions prevailing among human being. Our principal sir being a man of science also delivered a wonderful speech.