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Our college is equipped with all the required facilities for educational purpose.

Principal Office Room

Principal office room is equipped with revolving highjack chair, office chair, executive table, computer table, fan, computer with internet facility, telephone with intercom facility.

Administrative Office Room

Administrative office is equipped with storewell, wooden tables, computer table, office chairs, computer with internet and printer, telephone with intercom facility etc.

Lecturer Cum Method Room

We have highly equipped individually lecturer room having seating capacity of 45 students. The rooms have storewell, wooden table, chairs, wall clock, dustbin, benches, wall pieces etc.

Assembly Hall

We have one multipurpose assembly hall consisting of facilities like wooden table, blacl board, plastic chairs, public addressing system, screen, speaker, dustbin, photos, wall pieces, fan, tubelight, dias etc.

Girls Room

We providing special room to girls. Girls room is equipped with miror, cupboard & other needful things, latering & bathroom attached.

Sports Room

 The college is also emphasizing on physical education along with regular curriculam. We have many equipment like badminton, cricket kits, wolley ball, chess etc.


The college is having huge and spacious library with large woorden table, plastic chairs, News paper stand, magazine stand, bags stand, computer table, revolving chairs, wall clock, dustbin, computer with advanced library software and internet facility, steel storewall etc.

Following is a brief list of journals, periodicals and news papers subscribed by library.

Arth Samkalan Bhartiya Aadhunik Shiksha (Hindi) Science Reporter
Class Room Techniques Navneet Smarpan Shabd Shrusti
Bhumi Putra New frontier in education Yojana
Ganit Shikshan Vigyan Darshan University News
Ganit Darshan Pushtakalaya Gujarat Samachar (Daily)
Abhi Drashti Prospectives in education Sandesh (Daily)
Karkidi Samachar Reader Digest Divya Bhaskar (Daily)
Kavi lok Safari Times of India (Daily)
Margdarshan Suganitam Gujrat Mitra
Indian education review Journal of Indian education School Science
Journal of value education Primary Shikashak The primary tecaher

Science Laboratory

Our science lab is equipped with multiple set of experiments of physics, chemistry and biology practical. We have charts, specimens, gas connection, wooden table, storewell etc.

Computer Laboratory

The college is having 20 computer system connected with LAN system with necessary hardware & software and furniture like white board, colour scanner, dot matrix printer, laser printer, web camera, aircondition, plastic chairs, internet connection etc.

Educational Technology Lab

Tap with Radio Ceiling Fan
Television Tube light
Audio Cassette Recorder Dustbin
Slide cum film strip projector Slide Projector
Over head projector Tape Recorder
Amplifier V.C.R
Loud Speaker Steel Store well
Microphones Adequate charts, slides & transparencies
Computer Blank Audio Cassettes
School Subjects - Maths, Science, Language & Social Science Slides & Transparency Epidiascope

Educational Psychology Lab

Stethoscope Two hand coordination
Card Shorting Increasing Decreasing Weight
Chipya chaplaya and anguli chapalya Bhul bhkamani test
Charts Personality Questionnaire
High School Questionnaire Children Personality Questionnaire
Mini intelligest test Abstract reasoning test
numerical aptitude Verbal reasoning test
problem inventory Self concept inventory
Vocational interest inventory Socio economical scale
speed and accuracy test Parents attitude scale
Stop watch (Meanial) Non verbal group intelligence test

Apart from above mentioned apparatuses, the lab has furniture like wooden table, plastic chair, wooden chair, ceiling fan, screen, wooden cupboard, wooden board with green glass, tube light and dust bin.  

Language Laboratory

Our college has higher technologically equipped language laboratory. It has computer, television, plastic chairs, console, various phonetic material, CD, white board, master console etc. This one is unique on our campus.


We have facility of separate hostel for boys and girls having steel beds, store well, mess, bathroom, latrine and 24 hour water facility.


smt.P.N.Patel college of education,Vidaya bharti campus. At & Po:- Umrakh-394345, Ta:- Bardoli, Dist:- Surat,
Gujarat, India. Ph. No:- (02622) 230158, Fax:- (02622) 225458,

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